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    优博登陆下载网址‘The point as to which day the gentleman was here has become important,’ he explained, ‘and I shall hand you another twenty francs if you can settle it.’


    The Inspector nodded, and beginning at the sending of the clerk Tom Broughton to check the consignment of wine at the Rouen steamer, he related all the strange events that had taken place, the discovery of the cask, and the suspicions aroused, the forged note, the removal of the cask, the getting rid of Harkness, the tracing and second disappearance of the cask, its ultimate recovery, its sinister contents, and finally, a list of the points which might yield clues if followed up. The two men listened intently, but without interrupting. After he had finished they sat silently in thought.
    ‘I have a little job for him. Could I see him, please?’
    The woman hesitated.


    1.‘Thank you. Who is speaking, please?’
    2.‘Well, just one other question, monsieur. Was he travelling alone?’
    3.‘I want you now to tell me, and with the utmost detail, exactly how you spent the time between your leaving Bonchose after dinner on the Sunday night of your return from Paris, and your meeting the cask at St. Katherine’s Docks on the following Monday week.’
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